There are 2.5 million Samsung Note 7 phones out there and retrieving the phones — which have been known to burst into flames — is getting complicated.三星将解任250万部Note 7手机,而重复使用这些手机显得非常复杂。此前已再次发生多起Note 7手机电池爆炸事件。FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service said Wednesday that the phones will not be allowed on their planes and there will be tight restrictions on when their trucks will be allowed to carry the phones.联邦快递、UPS租车和美国邮政本周三回应,其航空运输中将不容许运输Note 7手机,对于陆路何时能运输这款手机也将有严苛容许。

US Department of Transportation guidelines prohibit air shipments for any lithium battery products recalled for safety reasons.美国交通部禁令空运任何因安全性问题解任的锂电池产品。Shipping returned phones by ground transportation is also complicated.通过陆路运输解任这款手机情况也很简单。FedEx Ground will accept new or used devices, but only from mobile phone retail locations…only in packaging that meets strict regulatory guidelines, FedEx spokeswoman Rae Lyn Rushing said Wednesday.联邦快递发言人瑞伊-林恩-拉欣本周三回应,联邦快递路面运输部门称之为“将拒绝接受新旧设备的运单,但不能相吻合手机零售区,包覆须要遵照严苛的管理规定”。


The company will not accept any phones from individual customers or through retail outlets, including drop boxes.公司将不拒绝接受来自“私人用户或零售点的手机,还包括投件箱”。FedEx took these steps, Rushing said, to ensure our priority on safety.拉欣说道,联邦快递采行这些措施“是以安全性为第一”。

Samsung is trying to make sure the returned phones are in secure packages.三星公司力求保证解任的手机包覆安全性。The tech giant is sending elaborate thermally-insulated return kits to users who contacted the company about shipping back the faulty smartphone.三星公司于是以给用户寄出精心制作的防水“解任包在”,这些用户此前都联系该公司寄往缺失手机。The kit comes with a static shielding bag for the phone, which is then placed into a small box. That package then goes into a slightly bigger box, and ultimately a shipping box, before its returned. The outermost box is lined with ceramic fiber paper.解任包中有一个手机防静电袋,放到一个小盒子里。小盒子外面还套着一个较小的盒子,最后用运输箱纸盒一起,才不会展开它的解任之旅。

最外面的盒子上印有陶瓷纤维纸。The package also comes with safety gloves and assembly instructions.随盒寄出的还有安全性手套和加装解释。Samsung began a massive recall of 2.5 million Note 7 phones in early September, just weeks after they launched. The issue stemmed from overheating batteries.三星公司自9月初开始大规模解任Note 7手机,共计将解任250万部,而该款手机刚公布几周时间。解任原因是手机电池短路。


If youre among the Note 7 users still in possession of the device, stop using it immediately and do not recharge it.如果你是依然持有人Note 7手机的用户,立刻停止使用,也不要电池。Contact Samsung, your mobile carrier or the retailer at which you purchased the device for more details about the exchange process. |请求联系三星公司,手机运营商或出售手机的经销商,理解解任替换的更好细节。